software engineering


Software Engineer, 2022 - Present
Software Engineering Intern, 2021 summer

I am currently working as a software engineer at Stripe. As part of the Refunds team, my current projects focus a lot on platformizing regulatory requirements, as well as reducing fraud.

Before starting full-time, I spent summer 2021 interning at Stripe with the Global APAC Cards Team. My project is on building a new integration with a wallet payment method to handle payments through a particular card network.


Software Engineering Intern, 2020 summer

I spent summer 2020 interning at Garena (part of the Sea Group), where I worked on the iOS app for the live streaming platform BOOYAH!. I developed full-stack features, did some performance profiling and improved CPU usage by 40%, and also developed a reverse proxy for the video player.

CVWO, National University of Singapore

Software Engineering Intern, 2019 summer

I spent summer 2019 working as a developer in the NUS Computing for Voluntary Welfare Organisations programme, where we developed a volunteer management system for the non-profit Lions Befrienders. I enhanced the report generation system for the non-profit, as well as worked on a several scripts to resolve data inconsistencies.

FOSSEE, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Summer Intern, 2018 summer

I spent summer 2018 (right before entering university) interning at Free and Open Source Science and Engineering Education, which is a project to promote the use of OSS tools in academia and research. I worked on their Forums website, developing a machine-learning based spam filter and other full-stack features for website administrators.


Parallel and Distributed Machine Learning

National University of Singapore, July 2021 - May 2022

I spent my final year using PyTorch and doing a research project under the NUS HPC-AI Lab. My research focused on handling longer inputs in Transformers than was previously possible, by combining linear complexity models (like Linformer and Big Bird) with Sequence Parallelism. Find the report here and the slides here.

Our research was recently accepted at ACL 2023!

Dynamic Distributed Networks

National University of Singapore, July 2020 - Jan 2022

I spent my junior year researching under Professor Seth Gilbert, as part of the NUS Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme. Our research explored fault tolerance methods in distributed networks. In particular, we developed a protocol to handle churn in self-stabilizing networks. Find the report here and the slides here.


Data Structures and Algorithms

National University of Singapore
Jan 2020 - May 2020, Jan 2021 - May 2021

I was a teaching assistant for two iterations of CS2040S: Data Structures and Algorithms taught by Professor Seth Gilbert. My responsibilities included conducting weekly tutorial classes, designing problems and grading assignments.

Discrete Structures

National University of Singapore
Aug 2019 - Nov 2019

I was a teaching assistant for CS1231S: Discrete Structures taught by Professor Aaron Tan. My responsibilities included conducting weekly tutorial classes and grading assignments.