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hello world! 👋

I'm Chaitanya (or Chai). I live in Singapore and am currently a software engineer at Stripe. I graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS), where I majored in Computer Science. While in NUS, I also studied under the University Scholars' Programme (USP). You can also take a look at the research papers and essays written during my studies at USP here.

I was also a coreteam member of NUS Hackers, an active tech community in Singapore aimed at promoting the hacker culture.

I've been coding ever since I was in high school, and I've especially enjoyed learning about distributed systems and machine learning in university. The first app I ever developed was a snake game written using pygame. Since then I've made several other projects, which can you check out here!

Beyond computer science, I love reading books (check out my Goodreads profile here), watching movies, playing table tennis and following international politics.